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Fireside Theater Presents "Green Frog"


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Once upon a time there lived a young frog boy named "Green". They called him "Green" because he was a very unusual green frog. Green frog lived with his mother in a small cottage near a little stream far back in a mountain of South Korea. His mother loved him very much and did the best she could to teach him, so that he could grow up to be well mannered and respectful. But alas! Green was not the most obedient boy you can imagine. In fact he was quite rebellious and often showed the contrary behaviors. If his mother asked him to clean the mess in his room, he would make even bigger mess. When she asked him to not to go to the dangerous part of village where the snake lives, he would head down there right away. Green frog thought he was so courageous and smart until one day he made the biggest mistake of his life that made him sad about it for the rest of his life. Your host, Binary Mouse, introduces Your Virtual World's Campfire Tales Series in the hosted version. You can also view this video below in our special Virtual World TV mode.

International Languages

You can enjoy this video in the language of your choice by activating the language of your choice in the drop down menu above or by copying any dialogue text into the Google Translate window popup just below the video screen. When you use the popup window, after you enter some text, you can also have the text spoken to you by clicking on either of the icons that will speak the words and show example usage of the words respectively.

Free Fireside Theater stories are tiny tales usually less than ten minutes long and told by Your Virtual World's animated story tellers.  They are published and freely available for viewing without cost to the worldwide audience of story listeners.  Unlike the Campfire Tale Series of stories, they cannot be personalized or serve as reading exercises for early readers.  They are presented to the world in order to share in and preserve the long cultural history enshrined in stories that mankind has collectively created over many generations on earth.


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