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Fireside Theater Presents "A Story By Iagoo"


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Try the Movie Module™ version of this folk tale now.

Iagoo was a a storyteller of the Indians. He was a little, old man with a face darkened by decades of warm sunlight and a body like a twisted stick. His eyes were twice as large as other men's, so that when a bird flew past him he saw twice as many feathers on it, and all the little colors underneath were bright to him. His ears were twice as large as other men's, so that what seemed to them but a tiny sound was to him like the roll of thunder. His legs were supple and his arms were strong, so that he could run faster and further, and could lift and carry twice as much as others. No one believed him, yet every one was eager to listen to him. He told of things of which no one else ever saw the like; but the stories were pleasant to hear, and Iagoo said they were true. Your host, Binary Mouse, introduces Your Virtual World's Campfire Tales Series in the hosted version. You can also view the Movie Module version of A Story By Iagoo.

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Free Fireside Theater stories are tiny tales usually less than ten minutes long and told by Your Virtual World's animated story tellers. These videos celebrate the ancient worldwide tradition of oral storytelling performed at a time when no batteries were required.  They are published and freely available for viewing without cost to the worldwide audience of story listeners.  Unlike the Campfire Tale Series of stories, they cannot be personalized or serve as reading exercises for early readers.  They are presented back to the world that birthed them in order to share in and preserve the long cultural history enshrined in stories that mankind has collectively created and nourished over many generations on earth.


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