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Fireside Theater Presents "Phantom Of The Opera"


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"Phantom of the Opera" is a feature-length silent movie. Lon Chaney stars as Erik, the Phantom, in what is probably his most horrifying and famous role. While many expected a disaster, the film turned out to be a rousing success. The story concerns Erik, a much-feared fiend who haunts the Paris Opera House. Lurking around the damp, dank passages deep in the cellars of the theater, he secretly coaches understudy Christine Daae to be an opera star. Through a startling sequence of terrors, including sending a giant chandelier crashing down on the opera patrons, the Phantom forces the lead soprano to withdraw from the opera, permitting Christine to step in. Luring Christine into his subterranean lair below the opera house, the Phantom confesses his love. But Christine is in love with Raoul de Chagny. The Phantom demands that Christine break off her relationship with Raoul before he'll allow her to return to the opera house stage. She agrees, but immediately upon her release from the Phantom's lair, she runs into the arms of Raoul and they plan to flee to England after her performance that night. The Phantom overhears their conversation and, during her performance, the Phantom kidnaps Christine, taking her to the depths of his dungeon. It is left to Raoul and Simon Buquet , a secret service agent, to track down the Phantom and rescue Christine. Your host, Binary Mouse, introduces Your Virtual World's Campfire Tales Series in the online version.

You can enjoy this video in the language of your choice by activating the language of your choice in the drop down menu above or by copying any dialogue text into the Google Translate window popup just below the video screen. When you use the popup window, after you enter some text, you can also have the text spoken to you by clicking on either of the icons that will speak the words and show example usage of the words respectively.



1 Sanctuary of song lovers, The Paris Opera House, rising nobly over medieval torture cham- bers, hidden dungeons, long forgotten.

2 Melody floats through hall and corridor even to the executive offices, where a strange deal is being closed.

3 "Now the Notary's seal, gentlemen, and you are the fortunate new owners."

4 "It is barely possible you may hear of a ghost, a Phantom of the Opera!"

5 "The attendant of Box Five will not laugh when you ask about the opera ghost!"

6 "You jest, Messieurs! We are not children!"

7 "Who occupies Box Five?"

8 "I do not know."

9 "I have seen only the cloaked figure of a man who hides his face and will not speak!"

10 "Is it the Phantom?"

11 "The Phantom! The Phantom is up from the cellars again!"

12 "We saw him for an instant - - a gray shadow - - and he was gone!"

13 "He had no nose!"

14 "Yes, he did, it was enormous!"

15 "That man came out of the cellars - just after we saw the Phantom. Could it be that he - ?"

16 "Joseph Buquet has really seen the Phantom! Let's ask him -"

17 "His eyes are ghastly beads in which there is no light - like holes in a grinning skull!"

18 "His face is like leprous parchment, yellow skin strung tight over protruding bones!"

19 "His nose - there is no nose!"

20 "Have a care, Buquet - ghosts like not to be seen or talked about!"

21 "Come, I'll show you where I saw him - in the scene-dock of the third cellar."

22 "I saw him there! A flash of shadow, and he was gone!"

23 "My daughter, Carlotta, has been insulted! She, the favorite prima donna of the Paris Opera!"

24 "No ghost will frighten Carlotta! Wednesday evening you will hear her singing!"

25 Wednesday night found Mlle. Carlotta strangely ill, and Christine Daaé singing "Marguerite".

26 "What is this I hear about Christine favor- ing some mysterious admirer, instead of you, Raoul?"

27 "Don't worry, my dear Brother - nothing shall interfere with our love."

28 "I hear a lot of rumors, Raoul - be careful!"

29 "At last you have realized your ambition, my darling, and now we shall be married."

30 "I can never leave the Opera, Raoul. You must forget our love."

31 From hidden places beyond the walls a melodious voice, like the voice of an angel, spoke to her.

32 "Christine, tonight I placed the world at your feet!"

33 "To you I have imparted the full measure of my art. You will triumph - all Paris will worship you!"

34 "But I warn you, you must forget all worldly things and think only of your career - and your Master!"

35 "Soon, Christine, this spirit will take form and command your love!"

36 "Call for me when you will. I shall be waiting."

37 In Mlle. Carlotta's corres- pondence there appeared another letter, edged in black!

38 "Christine Daaé's friends are plotting again! But my daughter shall sing tomorrow night, come what may!"

39 Encouraged by her mother, Carlotta defied every warning, and the following evening appeared as - "Marguerite".

40 "So far so good - for a house with a curse on it!"

41 "Behold! She is singing to bring down the chandelier!"

42 "Christine, I have come for you -"

43 "I am ready, Master - waiting!"

44 "Walk to your mirror, my dear - - have no fear!"

45 "Christine, it is I - your Master!"

46 "Look not upon my mask - think rather of my devotion which has brought you the gift of song."

47 A black lake, hidden from man and the sun, leading to the Phantom's rendezvous.

48 "I have brought you here - - five cellars underground -"

49 "- because I love you!"

50 "For long weary months I have awaited this hour!"

51 "So that which is good within me, aroused by your purity, might plead for your love."

52 "That is where I sleep."

53 "It keeps me reminded of that other dream- less sleep that cures all ills - forever!"

54 "You - You are the Phantom!"

55 "If I am the Phantom, it is because man's hatred has made me so."

56 "If I shall be saved, it will be because your love redeems me."

57 "Men once knew me as Erik, but for many years I have lived in these cellars, a name- less legend."

58 The night passed - a night of vague horrors - - tortured dreams - -

59 "Since first I saw your face, this music has been singing to me of you and of - - love triumphant!"

60 "Yet listen - - there sounds an ominous undercurrent of warning!"

61 "Feast your eyes - glut your soul, on my accursed ugliness!"

62 "Oh, mad Christine, who would not heed my warning!"

63 "If you love me, as you say, let me go. I promise to be your slave forever!"

64 "I shall prove to you the depth of my love. You may return to your world for the present. You may sing in the opera once more."

65 "But, remember, you are mine - mine - and you shall not see your lover again! If you do, it is death to you both!"

66 "Oh, I swear it, I swear it! I shall never see him again!"

67 ONE night each year, all Paris mingled, for- getful of caste - - the merry, mad Bal Masque de l'Opera.

68 INTO the midst of the revelry, strode a spectral figure, robed in red.

69 "Beneath your dancing feet are the tombs of tortured men - thus does the Red Death rebuke your merriment!"

70 "Don't let him see us, Raoul - or it is death for us both!"

71 High above Paris - on the roof of the Opera!

72 "Are we alone, Raoul? Can anyone overhear what we say?"

73 "I have seen him, Raoul! I have seen the Phantom!"

74 "He is a monster - a loathsome beast! You must save me from him, Raoul!"

75 "Mlle. Carlotta, under the spell of his curse will never sing again. Tomorrow I take her place in Faust. After the performance you must take me away!"

76 "I shall be at the stage door. We will flee to England."

77 "She has betrayed me!"

78 "Not that way - this way!"

79 "That was the Opera ghost!"

80 "This is your man, Monsieur le Prefect - The Phantom of the Opera!"

81 At nine o'clock the following evening a mysterious barouche stopped on the rotunda side of the Opera.

82 "Wait for me at the west gate."

83 "I have heard his voice once more, Raoul. He knows our plans - - everything."

84 "Believe in my love, Raoul. Save me from that monster - oh, save me!"

85 "My barouche is wait- ing outside. We leave immediately after the performance!"

86 "Dry your tears, dear, and hasten - - you must make ready for your performance!"

87 "Come quick! The strangler's work again!"

88 "It was there!"

89 "I saw the body dangling in the air!"

90 "My brother - - poor Joseph, he knew too much about the Phantom!"

91 "The Punjab lasso - the strangler's cord!"

92 "Assassin! Hide your- self in the deepest shadows - but I shall find you out!"

93 Fear for his brother's safety, brought Comte de Chagny to the Opera house that night.

94 "I think I can take you to Christine Daaé - if you do exactly as I tell you."

95 "Who are you that knows the Phantom's secrets - and betrays them?"

96 "I am Ledoux of the Secret Police. I have studied this Phantom for months."

97 "I found this hiding place deep within the torture chambers where he himself was confined during the second Revolution."

98 "Keep your hand up - the strangler's noose coils quick!"

99 "Your hand up - it is a matter of life or death!"

100 "The discovery of this trap-door cost Joseph Buquet his life."

101 "I am a messenger from the shadows - - turn back ere ye perish!"

102 "You lied to me! Do you think you and your lover could cheat the Phantom?"

103 "Ungrateful fool! You have spurned the spirit that inspired you - - the spirit that made you great!"

104 "Now, you shall see the evil spirit that makes my evil face!"

105 "No longer like a toad in these foul cellars will I secrete the venom of hatred - - for you shall bring me love!"

106 "We should be within his hiding place, now."

107 "We have fallen into the room of many mirrors - - the old torture chamber!"

108 "I am human like other men - - I will not be cheated of my happiness!"

109 "Raoul! Raoul! My Brother - where are you?"

110 "It seems we have callers."

111 "Christine! Christine! Can you hear me?"

112 "Your voice sounds near - Try to find a door that will lead to us."

113 "Look about you - try to learn where he keeps the keys."

114 "The callers have departed."

115 "I have discovered the Phantom's hiding place - tonight my brother will be avenged!"

116 "Did you hear voices?"

117 "Perhaps we have more callers."

118 HEAT - intolerable heat!

119 "Fools - do they think they can match their wits against Erik?"

120 "What do you offer for their lives?"

121 "Your answer quick - they can survive but a few moments!"

122 "Gunpowder!"

123 "You have your chance of saving him. Will you be the bride of Erik, or do you prefer to watch your lover die?"

124 "If you turn the Scorpion - you have said 'Yes' and spared de Chagny."

125 "Turn the grasshopper - - and the Opera House is blown to a thousand bits!"

126 "I'll do anything you say, if you will only save them!"

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