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Fireside Theater Presents "The Thief Of Bagdad"


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"The Thief Of Bagdad" is a feature-length silent movie. A thief falls in love with the daughter of the Caliph of Bagdad. The Caliph will give her hand to the suitor that brings back the most rare treasure within seven months. The thief sets off on a magical journey while, unbeknownst to him, another suitor, the Prince of the Mongols, is not playing by the rules... The thief will steal the gold from your purse; the food from your house; or the magic rope. Whatever he wants, he takes and he has decided to steal from the Caliph - until he sees the Princess. He loses his heart to her and disguises himself as Prince Ahmed - one of four royal suitors for her hand. When she picks him, he is overcome and confesses to his true nature which gets him flogged and thrown out of the palace. But he can yet win the Princess as all the suitors travel to find the rarest of treasures. His trip is fraught with danger as he competes against the magic carpet brought by the Prince of Persia, the magic crystal stolen by the Prince of India and the magic apple taken by the Mongol Prince. This Mongol Prince also wants the Princess AND the city of Bagdad. Your host, Binary Mouse, introduces Your Virtual World's Campfire Tales Series in the online version. You can also view this video below in our special Virtual World TV mode.

You can enjoy this video in the language of your choice by activating the language of your choice in the drop down menu above or by copying the following dialogue into the Google Translate window popup just below the video screen. When you use the popup window, after you enter some text, you can also have the text spoken to you by clicking on either of the icons that will speak the words and show example usage of the words respectively.



3 Praise be to Allah- the Beneficent King-|The Creator of the Universe-

4 ...Lord of the Three Worlds!|The Koran

5 Verily the works of those gone|before us have become

6 instances and examples to men|of our modern day,

7 that folk may view what admonishing chances|befell other folk and may there...


9 A street in Bagdad, dream city|of the ancient East...

10 If it be his purse, let|him tell what is in it.

11 'Tis empty.

12 The magic basket...

13 The magic rope of Ispahán...

14 ...woven from a witch's hair in|the caverns of the Jinn.

15 Come to prayer! Come to prayer!|Come to prayer!

16 O true believers, gathered in...

17 ...this sacred mosque,|earn thy happiness...

18 ...in the name of the|true God...

19 Toil... for by toil the sweets

20 ...of human life are found

21 Thou liest!

22 What I want - I take.|My reward is here.

23 Paradise is a fool's dream and Allah is a myth.

24 Honest citizens of Bagdad,

25 ...here is a thief to be flogged.

26 Let all thieves beware! Four|and twenty lashes for the

27 stealing of this jewel.

28 Alms! O ye merciful!|Alms!

29 Rouse yourself, bird of evil.|I have brought home treasure.

30 It is a magic rope. With it we can|scale the highest walls.

31 In far eastern Asia, a Mongol Prince|in his...

32 ...Palace at Ho Sho...

33 The Palace of the Caliph of Bagdad.

34 It shall be mine. What|I want - I take.

35 Celestial Majesty, at the next moon,

36 ...suitors do go to Bagdad,

37 ...seeking in marriage its royal Princess.

38 The gods of our dynasty|direct us.

39 We shall enter Bagdad|as a suitor.

40 Open wide the gates of Bagdad!|Open wide the gates of Bagdad!

41 We be porters bound for| the Palace of the Caliph.

42 We bear gifts and viands to feast|the suitors who, on the tomorrow,

43 ...come to woo our Princess.

44 Tonight - with the magic rope.

45 Beasts and scimitars|guard the Palace.

46 When night reaches|its noon...

47 The Princess sleeps.

48 The treasure-where is it?

49 'This here-

50 The melody of the oriental night|dies in the dawn.

51 And it is morning-.

52 It is the birthday of our Princess...

53 and royal suitors come from all the East|to seek her hand in marriage.

54 On the balcony of the Princess,|a slave girl reads a fortune-

55 The sands of Mecca|shape a rose.

56 This is the meaning:

57 Thou wilt wed the suitor who first|toucheth the rose-tree in thy garden.

58 'This here-

59 'This here-

60 Nizzy noodle!|He's turned love-bird.

61 She is a rare jewel, my love-bird.

62 Something beyond your reach,| you prince of thieves.

63 Yet- once upon a time- a Princesa|was stolen from a Palace...

64 under the very eye of Harun-al-Rashid.

65 They found a way into the Palace|and, with a subtle drug, they...

66 ...drowsed her and carrier her away.

67 The suitors are at the Palace gates.

68 The Prince of the Indies whose palace|is covered with an hundred thousand rubies.

69 He glowers. I like him not -|with all his rubies.

70 Allah grant he touch|not the rose-tree.

71 He touched not the rose-tree.

72 In the bazaars of the sleepy merchants,|thy nimble fingers can ...

73 ...procure us princely raiment.

74 The Prince of Persia whose fathers|fought at Feyjoo...

75 ...five hundred years ago.

76 He's fat and gross as if he fed on lard.

77 Praise Allah! He touched not the rose-tree.

78 The bazaars of the merchants...

79 Cham Shang the Great,|Prince of Mongols, King of Ho Sho...

80 ...Governor of Wah Hoo|and the Island of Wak.

81 Bagdad is a mighty city.

82 Fail I to win the Princess,|it shall be mine by strategy.

83 O horrible! He chills|my blood with fear!

84 Ahmed, Prince of the Isles, of the|Seas, and of the Seven Palaces.

85 Ahmed, Prince of the Isles, of the|Seas, and of the Seven Palaces.

86 See how he rides - |a Prince indeed!

87 'This he would make me happy. Allah|guide him to touch the rose.

88 Ahmed, Prince of the Isles, of the|Seas, and of the Seven Palaces.

89 There's no such rank nor title.

90 Celestial Majesty,|the superstition of the Princess...

91 ...centers on that rose-tree.|Fail not to touch it.

92 How tragic, O Prince,|if you had been killed...

93 ...and an end put to your|illustrious family.

94 We must make haste to steal her.

95 The Mongol pig suspect us.

96 Prince of the Isles and the Seas.

97 Behold! Allah foretold thee with a rose.

98 We must away from here.|'Twas wrong to come.

99 The Caliph awaits the suitors.

100 To possess Bagdad I have|now a two-fold reason.

101 In the Throne Room....

102 The Prince of the Indies...

103 The Prince of Persia.

104 The Prince of the Mongols...

105 The Just One, the Holy, the High-Born...|the Caliph of Bagdad.

106 The Princess, according to ancient custom|of our House...

107 ...hath made her choice.

108 Let her ring be placed upon|the hand of the chosen.

109 He has not wed her yet.

110 My daughter's choice and heir|to the throne of Bagdad.

111 The word is said.

112 If any have protest, voice it now.

113 When the moon tips the cypress...

114 ...the betrothal will be consummate in feast.|Come.

115 He is the thief who yesternight|did rob the Palace.

116 Desecration most foul, O mighty Caliph,|hath been wrought upon thy noble House!

117 This Ahmed is but a common thief.

118 This Ahmed who calls himself a Prince,|hunt him down!

119 I am not a Prince.

120 I am less than the slave who serves you..|a wretched outcast... a thief.

121 What i wanted, I took.|I wanted you... I tried to take you...

122 But, when I held you in my arms...|the very world did change.

123 The evil in me died.

124 I can bear a thousand tortures,|endure a thousand deaths...|but not thy tears.

125 This Arab Prince is but a thief.|Seek him out!

126 Quick! Hide thyself. If thou art|found with me, they will be merciless.

127 I love you.

128 Thou dog! What torments|can we devise for thee!

129 Flog him!

130 Fling him to the ape!|Let him be torn to pieces.

131 A pearl to every guard.

132 Have him placed in safety through|the secret panel into the streets.

133 She shall choose again.

134 The secret panel into the streets...

135 Choose! I command you.

136 I myself will make the choice.

137 Betray not the sands of Mecca.

138 Gain time. Defer the outcome.

139 Send them to distant lands to seek some rare treasure.

140 At the seventh moon let them return.

141 Who brings the rarest treasure I will wed.

142 When marriage plans have gone amiss,|The seventh moon betokens bliss.

143 Morning...

144 Come, if you still wouldst steal her.

145 I have found a way through|the tunnels of the tigers.

146 The Princes will return at the|seventh moon bearing treasure.

147 The one who brings the rarest wins the Princess.

148 Lose not thy hope, the rose persists,|and something good will come of this.

149 Turned lily-white he now goes|mewling to the mosque. Bah!

150 Thou art wounded.

151 In heart and soul.

152 I love a Princess.

153 Make thyself a Prince.

154 Allah hath made thy soul|to yearn for happiness...

155 ...but thou must earn it.

156 Stay you in Bagdad.

157 I will send soldiers under guise|of porters bearing gifts.

158 Build me an army within the walls.

159 And so.. on the bedrock of humility|thou canst build any structure.

160 Come with me and I will set thy feet...

161 ...on the path that leads to treasure|beyond thy dreams.

162 Three suitors leave thy city gate...

163 ...But four are numbered in her fate.

164 At the end of the way is a silver chest...

165 ...that doth contain the greatest magic.

166 Thou must be brave. Go now.|Control thy destiny.

167 Give this to her who hath|already my heart.

168 A day's journey from Bagdad...|a caravansary in the desert...

169 Thus far the three Princes|have traveled in company.

170 Great Lords of Asia,|good fortune to you...

171 ...second only to mine own!

172 Let us meet here at the end|of the sixth moon.

173 Set spies to follow each.

174 A Defile in the Mountains|of Dread Adventure...

175 The Hermit of the Defile.

176 I seek a magic chest that|lies beyond this defile.

177 Knowest thou, rash youth...|devouring flames,

178 ...foul monsters, shapes of death|beset the path?

179 A hundred years have I been here.

180 Many have gone this way|and none returned.

181 But, if thy resolve be firm,|I will help thee.

182 If thou dost reach the Cavern|of Enchanted Trees...

183 ...touch with this talisman the midmost tree.

184 In Bagdad, the pavilion|of the Princess...

185 He too may return by the seventh moon.

186 ... but his road is hard.|You must pray for him.

187 The first moon.

188 The Valley of Fire...

189 The second moon.

190 In search of rare treasure, The Persian Prince|came to the bazaars of Shiraz.

191 A crippled beggar knew a priceless secret.

192 The magic carpet.|They know not its value.

193 My Prince, here is|the greatest rarity in the world,

194 ...the flying carpet.

195 The third moon.

196 The Valley of the Monsters.

197 The Cavern of the Enchanted Trees.

198 Thou hast shown great courage...

199 ...but thy way is yet hard.

200 This is the chart to guide thee to|the Old Man of the Midnight Sea.

201 The fourth moon.

202 In search of rare treasure,|the Prince of the Indies...

203 ...came to a forgotten idol|near Kandahar.

204 This is the greatest rarity in|the world, the magic crystal.

205 The fifth moon.

206 The Old Man of the|Midnight Sea.

207 At the bottom of the sea|is an iron-bound box.

208 There thou wilt find a star-shaped key.

209 Now you must climb to the|Abode of the Winged Horse.

210 That star-shaped key will|give you entrance here.

211 The Abode of the|Winged Horse...

212 The sixth moon.

213 In search of rare treasure,|the Prince of the Mongols...

214 ...came to the Island of Wak.

215 A court magician knew|a secret shrine.

216 The magic apple...

217 That fisherman.

218 Far rarer than India's crystal|or Persia's carpet.

219 Thou wilt haste to Bagdad and,|at the end of

220 this sixth moon, give order|that the Prince be poisoned.

221 The Citadel of the Moon...

222 The magic chest is wrapped|in a cloak of invisibility.

223 The Cloak of Invisibility|and the Magic Chest...

224 At the end of the|sixth moon...

225 A day's journey from Bagdad..|again the caravansary in the desert.

226 Let us haste to Bagdad.

227 O Prince of the Indies,|discover this with the crystal.

228 ...Does the Princess wait as she pledged?

229 Spread the flying carpet.

230 With the magic apple we|shall save her life.

231 The learned doctor,|Zakariya of Kufa.

232 Out of the clouds...

233 I was at the portals of death|and now I glow with health.

234 ...What miracle is this?

235 I was I who brought you back.

236 No other gift can match|my golden apple.

237 He makes rash claim.|'Twas this rare crystal...

238 ...disclosed your desperate plight.

239 My magic carpet brought us here.

240 By the beard of the Prophet,|it is rarest.

241 Her life belongs to me.

242 To me!

243 To me!

244 It is for me to decide|which gift is rarest.

245 A moment, O Princes!|Who can say which gift is rarest?

246 Without the crystal you|could not have known.

247 Without the carpet you could not have come.

248 ...Without the apple you|could not have cured me.

249 Apple.. crystal.. carpet.|No one of them is rarest.

250 Each had been useless without|the other two.

251 Cease! There's wisdom here.|'Tis best that we deliberate.

252 Bide your time.

253 You have twenty thousand troops|within the walls.

254 Yourself hath said it.|'Tis best that we deliberate.

255 Through the night...

256 The Mongols are|taking the city!

257 Bagdad is yours!

258 The courier of the dawn...

259 We shall be wed at once.|Prepare thyself.

260 It is my command.

261 Bagdad is in the hands|of the Mongols.

262 You shall add joy to the wedding|festival by being boiled in oil.

263 Open wide the gates|of Bagdad!

264 Open wide the gates|of Bagdad!

265 Fly for your lives!|A great magician comes.

266 He summons armies from the earth itself!

267 A magic army, a hundred thousand|strong, surrounds the walls.

268 ...Thy troops have fled.

269 Set my guard at|the Palace gates!

270 Open wide the gates|to our deliverer!

271 Great Khan, every way|of escape is blocked.

272 The flying carpet...|and the Princess.

273 Quick... the magic carpet.

274 I give thee gladly to|this great Prince.


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