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Fireside Theater Presents "Sayings President Obama Likes Best"


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This introduction to "Sayings President Obama Likes Best" video is available for download HERE. Since it's embedded in a PDF file all you need is a fairly recent version of Acrobat Reader to view it. It's entitled "Sayings President Obama Likes Best". This makes it easy to share if you wish and doesn't depend upon any particular video software or operating system. This video vignette features the introduction to the entire "Sayings President Obama Likes Best" 10 part series. Barack and Michelle dance their hearts out for you. (They're Hot!) Also included as part of this download is a FREE 275 page ebook called "The hand book of illustrated proverbs", a 529 page ebook entitled "A Collection of Chinese Proverbs", a 254 page ebook entitled "Select Proverbs of All Nations", as well as a FREE eBook entitled "World Wide Wisdom" containing hundreds of mottos from those clever people around the world who came before us. These ebooks cover such topics as Age, Beauty, Birth, Boy, Children, Comedy, Death, Enemy, Evil, Family, Fight, Funny Acts, Girl, God, Home, India, Joy, Justice, Life, Love, Marriage, Money, Music, Old Age, Power, Education, School, Secrets, Sex, Truth, Women, Men, Work, and Youth. People in faith communities will find these sayings & proverbs a great supplement to their guides to daily living. When you open the downloaded file in Adobe Acrobat, don't forget to double click each page to see its contents.

The "Sayings President Obama Likes Best" series of videos on our YouTube channel (YourVirtualWorld) are not meant to give you or other viewers the impression that any leader portrayed, including President Obama himself, is the ultimate griot or serves as the best example to speak about the proverb's message. Their feet are of clay just like yours and mine. On the contrary, one of my deepest wishes is to have anybody who is in a leadership position pay especially close attention to the pithy wisdom within proverbs. I'm so dismayed at the greed, callousness, lust, cruelty, immorality, corruption, and deceit of many of those in business, government , education, industry, and religious institutions who have climbed to the "top of the pile". We've all witnessed the largest involuntary transfer of wealth the world has ever seen and nobody has gone to jail. Go figure! I feel compelled to repeatedly mirror to you that there are proven paths learned over many centuries that will benefit others immensely and keep you and I out of unnecessary trouble.

The "Sayings President Obama Likes Best" series of videos are meant to dramatize the truth within a given proverb by backing up the message with a broad spectrum of real life people and events without being preachy. The message within our chosen proverbs/mottos is usually self-evident but it's a lot of fun to plug them into situations we may have all widely seen and heard about and it's fun to make the connection. Your host, Binary Mouse, introduces Your Virtual World's Campfire Tales Series in the hosted version. You can also view this video below in our special Virtual World TV mode.

You can enjoy this video in the language of your choice by activating the language of your choice in the drop down menu above or by copying any dialogue text into the Google Translate window popup just below the video screen. When you use the popup window, after you enter some text, you can also have the text spoken to you by clicking on either of the icons that will speak the words and show example usage of the words respectively.

Free Fireside Theater stories are tiny tales usually less than ten minutes long and told by Your Virtual World's animated story tellers. These videos celebrate the ancient worldwide tradition of oral storytelling performed at a time when no batteries were required.  They are published and freely available for viewing without cost to the worldwide audience of story listeners.  Unlike the Campfire Tale Series of stories, they cannot be personalized or serve as reading exercises for early readers.  They are presented back to the world that birthed them in order to share in and preserve the long cultural history enshrined in stories that mankind has collectively created and nourished over many generations on earth.


1 That's what I'm talking about! Yeah, come on here. That's what I'm talking about.

2 (music)

3 All right everybody. I love you! Thank you, thank you.

4 (Applause and music)

5 How was that ladies and gentleman as a warmup act for his own appearance? (Applause)

6 Was the First Lady hot or not?

7 (Applause)

8 And your moves. Wow! Overall, it doesn't look like you will ever have to spend several million dollars in advertising to convince millions of people that you're warm, compassionate, and one of them. (laughter)

9 Hi everybody. I'm Binary Mouse and we have a truly fantastic guest appearance. Let's give a big welcome to the President of the United States, Barack Obama! (Applause)

10 The President often says that although he is our national leader, he stands on the shoulders of giants. What you may not know is that he gathers much of his wisdom and guidance from sayings and proverbs of common people throughout the ages and throughout the world.

11 We know about your love of education and your efforts to promote excellence in learning. The proverb from Guinea you've often quoted is "Knowledge is like a garden: if it's not cultivated it cannot be harvested". What other proverbs are dear to your heart that you've been known to share with others? You cited a good old american proverb when meeting with the delegation of college students in China. What was that one?

12 In terms of the burden that I feel, I am extraordinarily honored to be put in the position of President. And as my wife always reminds me when I complain that I'm working too hard, she says, you volunteered for this job. (Laughter.) And so you -- there's a saying -- I don't know if there's a similar saying in China -- we have a saying: "You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it." And it basically means you have to be careful what you ask for because you might get it.

13 There is a Chinese proverb: "Consider the past, and you shall know the future." Surely, we have known setbacks and challenges over the last 30 years. Our relationship has not been without disagreement and difficulty. But the notion that we must be adversaries is not predestined -- not when we consider the past.

14 There's an old Russian proverb which states, "A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words". You've often talked passionately about your commitment to action rather than talking about action. Your critics and opponents argue that you haven't kept your word.

15 But I say this: We have made progress and we will make more. And I want you to know that I expect and hope to be judged not by words, not by promises I've made, but by the promises that my administration keeps.

16 (Applause)

17 We’ll bring together the next generation of American and Mexican leaders. This is the progress that we’ve made today. It’s progress that calls to mind a Mexican proverb that I am told says, “Tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you who you are". The United States is proud to walk with Mexico.”

18 Now, I’m told there’s a Seneca proverb that says “He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone.” (Laughter)

19 "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." Our journey for change is far from over.

20 There's another Chinese proverb you love. Can you tell us what that is?

21 I'm told that there is a Chinese proverb that says: If you want one year of prosperity, then grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, then grow trees. But if you want 100 years of prosperity, then you grow people.

22 There's an old Turkish proverb: "You cannot put out fire with flames." America knows this. Turkey knows this.

23 Because history tells us, truth has a life of its own once it's told. Love can transform a nation once it's taught. Courage can be contagious; righteousness can spread; and there is much wisdom in the old proverb: that God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.

24 Last year in Moscow, I learned a Russian proverb, which says, “Every seed knows it’s time.” A year ago, we planted a seed of cooperation and commerce. And today, that cooperation is bearing fruit -- with new partnerships and prosperity for both our peoples.

25 Thank you ever so much Mr. President for sharing your best liked proverbs with us. I'd like to inform the audience that the President has graciously agreed to help us create a ten part video series on his favorite proverbs so that we really understand the role that the wisdom of common people throughout the world and throughout the ages has played in his presidency. God bless you, your wife, and family Mr. President! Oh, and thanks again for rocking the house with your smooth moves. (Applause)

26 All right everybody. I love you! Thank you, thank you. (music)

27 Some of you regularly act upon the wisdom handed down to us by the common people of ancient times and of today. How refreshing it is to see leaders who know and act upon the wisdom of the world's greatest proverbs. (music)

28 That's what I'm talking about!

29 Yeah, come on again! That's what I'm talking about.

30 All right everybody. I love you! Thank you, thank you. Stats

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