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Fireside Theater Presents "An Orphan"


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This feature length silent movie was made in Shanghai, China in 1929. It is about a woman's hard life and subsequent heroic rescue. It begins as she enters into an arranged marriage to true fool. She never consummates the marriage and becomes miserable at the cruel treatment by her in-laws. She escapes and meets a wealthy young man from a nearby village. He takes her into his paternal home as a servant but she continues to face abuse. She is kicked out by the young man's father. The son goes looking for her and finds her but their trouble is just beginning. Your host, Binary Mouse, introduces Your Virtual World's Campfire Tales Series in the online version.

International Languages

You can enjoy this video in the language of your choice by activating the language of your choice in the drop down menu above or by copying any dialogue text into the Google Translate window popup just below the video screen. When you use the popup window, after you enter some text, you can also have the text spoken to you by clicking on either of the icons that will speak the words and show example usage of the words respectively.

An Orphan

1 "Wei Lan Kun, ugly and unrefined in speech; foolish in behavior and not amenable to civil ways is known at large as a block-head."

2 "Chang Hsiao Te, a flatterer of girls, always crazy over a skirt."

3 "Miss Hu Chun Mei, the bride, a miserable girl, who is too weak to defend herself against the crowd of rowdies around her."

4 This is my bride. Are you still crazy over her?

5 This is your happiest day today, you should be more dignified in speech.

6 Please ask Madam to receive the respects of the bride.

7 "Mrs. Han, the mother of Lan Kun, a staunch believer in the good old ways."

8 That's enough, please get up.

9 The bride wishes to pay her respects to the father's concubine.

10 "Mrs. Wei, meet Miss Young, the concubine of Lan Kun's father, intermediate between the old and the modern ways, yet severe and cruel, nicknamed the "tigress"."

11 Oh! Oh! Don't need to be so ceremonious.

12 Bridegroom and bride, salute each other.

13 Please lead the bride over there to take off her ornaments.

14 Oh! How is it that you're so foolish?

15 Bride, Sire, please go to bed.

16 Although being married for many days the bride still rejects the amorous ways of the husband, and though a fool still he feels greatly peeved and upraids her.

17 Ma, she's already my wife, how is it so funny that she still rejects my love?

18 Every night I have to wait for her until daylight before I could sleep.

19 My Dear son, don't you worry. Let me gradually persuade her to be reasonable.

20 Quite true. Since you are his wife you must comply with his desires.

21 No, I'd rather die than to comply with his desires.

22 You common jade, I'll have to show you my masterly ways; go out there and get busy with the work.

23 You'd better go let her do it.

24 You lowly creature, not knowing what's good for you. Wash the clothing and make a good job of it.

25 the Tigress treats Miss Chun Mei like a jailer mistreats a prisoner often beating and kicking her. The bride bears it without a murmur, until reaching the breaking point, she thinks of suicide.

26 Miss Yang Yung Mei, an heiress, gentleness personified; her mother Mrs. Yang also a woman of lovable habits.

27 Blurred in her outlook, not knowing what is coming.

28 Yang Ta Ping, a son of a rich family and heroic in manner, is liberal and able to smooth out difficulties of others.

29 Wake up ma'm.

30 Wake up ma'm.

31 Oh! Who are you?

32 Why do you lay on the rail, don't you know there's danger?

33 Hm! I am homeless and troubled, I cannot tell what has brought me here.

34 You look active and smart, would you care to come and work in my house?

35 I am quite willing.

36 Look! Brother is bring a lady home.

37 Ma, I have compassion on this poor girl, so I brought her home to help you and sister.

38 What's your name please?

39 Chun Mei is my name.

40 Are you willing to work here?

41 Quite willing.

42 Are your parents still living?

43 They.....

44 Already died.

45 Miss Yung Hong, eldest daughter of Mrs. Yang, a talkative gossiper, regardless of consequences.

46 This is the eldest maiden.

47 Pitiful Chun Mei, though she has a position to make a living, yet she cannot bear recollecting her past misfortunes and sometimes in a phase, is apt to fail in her duty.

48 You may clean up the table.

49 Why are you so listless and neglecting your work?

50 I shall be more careful in the future and dare not let it happen again.

51 What's wrong? Why beat her?

52 She broke the vase. That is the trouble.

53 there, get the bathroom cleaned up properly and be quick at it too.

54 Look at that something has happened again.

55 Hung-erh, what are you doing?

56 The careless brute, always breaking things. She has again broken the basin.

57 This is an unintentional accident; she couldn't help it. Don't beat the miserable creature again.

58 Get up Chun Mei, gather up the broken pieces.

59 After supper

60 Humans are living, liable to commit mistakes, don't be so downhearted.

61 Yang Wen Pin, having been a listless wanderer for some time, gets tired of such a life and returns home. Trying to amend his past, he begins to gain his living in farming with his offspring.

62 You folks work hard at farming, it is indeed a sort of exercise.

63 That's good fun and is good for our health.

64 Pour some more water here.

65 Yeah, go and fetch some more.

66 You are too frail for the work, let me help you.

67 Chun Mei, out of pity for you, I seem to love you.

68 The hair of your head is as fair as that of the westerners.

69 Go and see why Chun Mei hasn't as yet brought the water here.

70 Oh! What fun.

71 Papa, go there quietly and watch brother and Chun Mei making love.

72 Papa! Look.

73 Chun Mei, how dare you?

74 Not considerate of your servility, how dare you sit near the young master?

75 Henceforth I forbid yo not to sit near him.

76 In the stillness of the night, the miserable affairs of her past unravel in her mind reel by reel like cinema pictures.

77 Beg your pardon, for disturbing your sleep.

78 A few bright New Year days recurring once a year only.

79 Guarding the King with the Knight.

80 It's better to move the Knight instead.

81 Attacking with the Castle.

82 Don't you meddle with your suggestions.

83 Huh! Indeed a sobbing one. Don't you know you shouldn't cry during the New Year?

84 Master, I..... I wasn't crying.

85 Master, may I set the table for dinner?

86 You are an unlucky one, breaking my things all the time.

87 Get out of here your service is not required.

88 Get out quick.

89 Get out quick.

90 Oh! Chun Mei, why are you running out in the rain?

91 Why are you knocking at people's gate so late at night?

92 I've lost my way. I've nowhere to stay.

93 Oh! Heaven, why hast thou laid out such a life for me?

94 Yang Ta Ping returning home from a dinner party.

95 Young master, I don't know for what reason Chun Mei was kicked out by the master.

96 Papa, where is Chun Mei?

97 I've dismissed her, for she is breaking my things all the time.

98 Why haven't you pity on the poor driving out such a helpless one? How could she maintain her living?

99 Don't you know better not to talk to your Pa like that?

100 Dear, why are you having words against your Pa?

101 At all costs I've got to get her back; it's my desire to have it so, no matter what happens.

102 Chun Mei, Chun Mei.

103 At night

104 Chun Mei, Chun Mei.

105 One hour later.

106 What are you both doing here?

107 She is deadly frozen by cold, come to my home and warm up.

108 Well, it's my duty that I should protect her.

109 There's no need of your protection.

110 Move on a little faster.

111 You don't need to come along.

112 Please come after your cold bath.

113 The secret den of the never-do-wells.

114 Wang-ma, get some clothing for her to change.

115 Since a long time I've set my heart towards you and it's certainly divine wish that it be so; that's why I've found you again.

116 This is a spacious mansion, you may stay here and rest your mind.

117 Be mine and you'll have enough to satisfy your wants, as well as a respectable spouse.

118 Please pursuade her to do anything according to my wish.

119 What is her attitude towards me?

120 By no means will she comply with your wish.

121 Siao Tao, bring the poisonous lizards here.

122 Do you promise?

123 Let the lizard suck her blood.

124 Place her in confinement.

125 Now, are you still so unyielding?

126 Help! Help! Mercy!

127 Help! Help! Mercy!

128 Oh! That man has gained the secret passage and is getting here now.

129 Go quick and have him caught alive.

130 Hm! What a lot of useless fellows you are!

131 Young master, I'm suffering here. Come and save me quick.

132 Help! Help! Mercy.

133 Helpl! Help! Mercy.

134 You have, for my sake, braved dangers and the storm, taking no heed for your personal safety and in this I am greatly affected by your love and henceforth am quite willing to submit to your commands.

135 The End Stats

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