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Why people love to tell and hear stories: Kate explains the importance of story-telling and why people love to tell and hear stories.

How To Use Storytelling In The Classroom: Research has been performed to discover how storytelling can be effectively used in the classroom. We've learned that these techniques are rewarding across a range of student age groups, linguistic competencies, gender, ethnicity, and geographic locations. Mr. Pointy Head presents this topic.

The Oral Tradition of Storytelling: The host discusses the native american tradition of storytelling. He points out the reasons and usefulness of storytelling in preserving cultural values, history, legends, morality, family tradition, and tribal unity.

The Benefits of Storytelling to Children: A therapist is featured and talks about the benefits of storytelling.

African Storytelling: Oral storytelling is an African tradition. The National Museum of African Art, in Washington, D.C., is keeping the griot tradition alive and using it to encourage children to read more.

Storytelling Theory and Practice: A professor presents storytelling as a way of organizing information, conveying emotions, and building community. Three stories are told to illustrate the theoretical model: "Truth and Story"; "What happens when you really listen"; and "The stone cutter". He discusses storytelling ethics and the need for trust and truth.





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